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Was That A Banana? Rude People @ Church


We attend a Mega Church in Alpharetta Georgia, North Point Community Church. So try and imagine the traffic when you try to leave. Now my wife and I have found a quick way out. Most of the time, we get out of Church in only about five minutes. Some people have been stuck for about an hour, but that’s unusual. I am not sure if I should divulge our secret out, but let’s just say it helps that we have kids.

The other day, as we were leaving, I noticed someone toss out of their truck window something yellow. “Was that a banana,” I said. It was! This person tossed out of her window, over another car, a banana peel. Seriously!

As we were making the same left turn, moving from behind them to the far lane, my wife and I looked into their window to see who it was. We looked with no intention, just a matter of fact. With evil eyes looking back at us, we were slightly startled. I shook my head in amazement. They did this rude thing and we were getting the evil look. Nice! They must have known how rude it was.

This older couple began to tail my car. I was thinking…Did this family really go to my church? As they drove by us, we started laughing a little, and I put my hand up to block my face. We laugh but it shouldn’t be funny. They must have had a bad day. I really feel bad for them. They needed our prayers and not our laughs.

Have you ever had an experience at church that surprised you? Have you ever seen a banana at church?

How do you respond to rude people at church?

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