Valentine’s Dance Party

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?  Is it too commercial?  I have a better question to ask.  Does the person you love care about Valentine’s Day. 

I think it’s like going someplace under dressed. Do you really want to be that guy? Men don’t be scared to ask.  If you don’t know, then get something.  If she tells you not to get her anything, then make dinner. 

If you get nothing and do nothing, then pray you are on the same page.  If that is you, I bet you would also hit a 150 yard 7 iron 160 yards over sand and water to get to the green.  Not a safe shot.

Valentine’s does not mean all that much to me, but it sure made my wife and girls happy today.  When I picked Reagan and Madison up after school, both of them wanted to show me the cards and candy they got in class.  When we got home Kim had made a special dinner which was nice.  The girls got a card and money from my parents.  I said only kidding “Wow you guys got something from Grandma and she didn’t send me anything.”  Reagan was so cute. She said “Daddy you can have my money.”  What a special heart she has!

The best part of the night was our Valentine’s Dance.  We bought Dance Party 2 for the girls and they wanted to play before we went to bed.  The highlight of the night was Kim and I had a Dance off. She won 5336 pts to 5333 pts.  I want a rematch.

Funny thing-Reagan wanted to win so bad my wife let her, but she really did look the best.

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