Top Five Crazy moments at Church


Top Five Crazy moments at Church

In Reverse Order:

5.  I once saw a lady throw a banana peel out of her window across the road over another car coming    out of our church.  This was not too bad, just very rude.

4.  After years of finding a reason to go to church, I finally convinced myself to go.  Imagine my surprise when it started and the pastor was speaking Spanish.  I had accidently attended the all-Spanish Service.   This was not crazy for the ones that understood and spoke the language.  For me it was a crazy moment.

3.  I once saw a driver, leaving the parking lot; give a one finger salute to another driver.  Not a nice gesture in any place.

2.  I once saw someone so excited about the music, that when he danced, he took up three spaces.  His arms would have knocked someone out if anyone had gotten close.  I am happy for his enthusiasm, but let’s be respectful.

1.  I once saw an alter call that turned into a mass speaking in tongues.  I can only tell you that I was scared. 

How about you?


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