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Your Kids Should Not Sleep In Your Bed

Top Five Reasons In Reverse Order 5. They will never leave – It might be cute the first few times, but it does not stay cute. Trust me! Just when you think they are asleep, and you can carry them back to their room, they start to cry. And you will be too tired to want to deal with it,…

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What do you do when your Wife is out of town?

With my wife out of town for three and a half days, I try to survive.  It is not a zombie apocalypse, which I know I could do.  It is taking care of the kids on my own that has me using all my resources to manage. It is not too bad if I manage it like a check list. …

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I love the way you hold me

Yesterday, my two and a half year old started singing in the truck after I picked her up from school.  It was so cute.  It was almost exactly the same thing her older sister did three years ago, when she was three.  Three years ago, I would listen to a CD I bought from our church while in the car. …

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Where do they get that Hair?

       Sometimes as parents we say things like “She has my hands” or “She has your eyes”.  For my daughter Madison Claire, we have not been able to say who she gets her hair from.    Yesterday my brother sent me a picture of my Great Grandmother Concetta Conchleri.  I don’t know. What do you think?

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“Go to Sleep Little Bella”

This is Reagan and Madison playing with their ZuZu pets under the table. If you look close-you will see that the Zuzu pets are in toy pots from their kitchen. Singing “Go to sleep little Bella”, I think I have a Hanzel and Gretel situation going on.

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How Do You Tell Your Family…You’re Pregnant?

First let me say, loudly, we are not pregnant.  The title is a teaser.  Sorry family.  Although, you never know what can happen.  Our youngest daughter Madison is almost two years old now.  She is such a happy baby.  When my wife was just a few weeks pregnant, we decided to wait a little to tell everyone.  We told only…

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