a living stone

Sorry, folks… Church is closed. The moose out front shoulda told ya.

a living stone

I mentioned in my last post that the funniest experience I ever had at church was when I went to a Spanish service. (Special Rules For Church) The funny thing was I don’t know Spanish. Well actually, the funniest experience I had at church is the day church was closed. So my original statement was only partly true.

I was reminded of this the other day at our second meeting of our new small group. My wife and I gave our testimony. This is something we do as a way of sharing life with others. The anticipation of sharing very personal moments in your life, with people you have only known for hours, can be overwhelming. We only had to nudge and poke each other twice this time.

Of course when I gave my testimony (See my baptism@ NP), I thought of the first time we tried to go to church as a couple. I had been avoiding church for a long time. I wanted a relationship with God, but I did not want all the church stuff. When my soon to be wife said she wanted to go to North Point church, with Pastor Andy Stanley, I said with a pause, Oh Great! (Sarcastically) We would try to go the upcoming Sunday. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday (just wanted to say that)

The day was upon us. We had been told by some friends to go early to get a seat. North Point fills up very fast. That morning you could feel the tension in our house as we got ready. We argued a little in the car about this being the right church to go to. We hadn’t spent a second inside, and still we argued. As we slowly made it down the long driveway of the church, we noticed the parking lot was almost empty. There were a few cars in front of us driving to in front of the main doors, stopping for a moment then moving on. I thought we were really early, but something didn’t seem right. I followed the cars that had just left to the front. There it was. Just like out of National Lampoons Vacation. A sign that said, “Sorry, folks… Church is closed. The moose out front shoulda told ya.” Not exactly, but you get it.

This was great! I had been avoiding church for a long time, and now church is avoiding me. This was a sign. We are supposed to go to another church or none at all. We did try another church that day. However, I promised my wife we would try North Point the following week. I am so glad we did. Nine years later, and the very day I would dread as a kid is now my favorite day of the week. I love Sunday!

Please share your experience.


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