Santa Looks like my Parents #$%?


How did you find out about Santa?  I was in my 5th grade music class, at Catoctin Elementary School, when my teacher opened with “Does anyone still believe in Santa? 

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU As I looked around to see if anyone was raising their hands, I had my hand ready to go up.  Nobody-and what do you mean by “still”?  Just then, a lone hand went up by one of the girls in the class. I wanted to put mine up too, but I did not…..Scared

The teacher told her Sorry in front of the class, and told her to ask her parents when she got home.  I remember her saying she did not care what she said she still believed. 

I couldn’t wait to find my twin brother to tell him.  I don’t really remember what he said-I just remember the two of us looking for our Christmas Gifts when we got home.  The verdict is in-we found them…Crushed-L

What’s your story?

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