Sad Face

A Living Stone

My Oldest daughter has given me a job.  I have to tell her a story about my life as a bedtime ritual.  Most of these stories are about me as a young person.  I try to stick to things I did at her age.


Stop Talking:

I told her about a time I got in trouble for talking in school.  In elementary school, I think third grade, we had a Happy Face-Sad Face system the principal implemented when the students got excessively loud.

When it was turned to a Happy Face, kids are free to talk.  However, when talking became noise, a teacher would turn the sign around to a Sad Face.  This meant- SILENCE!

Of course I was not paying any attention and kept on talking.  Boom! Little me third grader is now in trouble.  I guess for those that know me, it is no big surprise that I got in trouble for talking.


The Punishment:

My punishment was to sit on the stage in the cafeteria and eat my lunch alone.  These days, at my daughter’s school, it is a treat to eat on the stage. Not for me.  I was embarrassed.


Kid’s Brain:

Reagan says “Well Daddy, maybe then you would think about what you did”.  She was right. I expected a different kind of answer.   I thought she might show me sympathy.  Instead she saw my actions had a consequence that she could accept.


Matthew 18:3

and said, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.



Is it okay to admit to your children that you made age appropriate mistakes?

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