My daughter the Princess

I am working on my ancestral tree with my brother, and we have found some really cool stuff.  One of the connections we found is a link to a King in Scotland.  After I find this information, what do I do next?   I tell my daughter that she is a real Princess.  What harm could that do?  She seemed so happy when I told her.

A few days later, because of my enjoyment in this research, I say it to her again.  Only this time she did not seem so happy.

Me:        “Reagan, you are a real Princess!”       Reagan:     “No I’m not”     Me:         “Why do you say that?”

Reagan:    “The kids at school told me you are kidding me”.

I felt so bad.  I told her that she will always be a Princess, and then I tried to explain.  I let her look at the names I was researching, but she is only 5. 

I think I will wait to tell her about the connection to the Pilgrims.

How about you?  What is your story?


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