Fantasy Football – Update

Kings Cross 9 3/4
Kings Cross 9 3/4


This is a SPOILER ALERT for fantasy football players.  Your family does not like your head in a computer all day.  Sorry!  It’s true.  This may not apply to all of you, but definitely most of you.

I have been playing Fantasy Football for a long time now.  The only thing that has given me breathing room is that I give most of my winnings to my wife.  This is a bribe for the many times I would sneak out of the room to check my scores. 

Two years ago when I won two leagues I gave all of what I won to my wife.  I thought just the thought of winning was good enough, but it was not.  So last year I took a different approach to my Sundays.  I decided not to look at the computer at all while my kids were awake.  I would wait till the end of the day or the next morning.   It turns out that no matter how much I obsess about the points, I can’t do anything about it.  No matter how much I look at the computer at that point, what happens still happens.  

So, at the end of another FF Season last year I was lucky enough to win again.  This time I only gave my wife half.  Most importantly my family did not have to see me stuck behind the computer all day.

Next Sunday we are planning to be out with the kids during the games-maybe a movie after church.  I plan on a Win-Win. 

Do your homework before the games, spend time with the family, and good luck on your Fantasy Football season.



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