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a living stone

Are we a reflection of God?

I was raised in a Catholic home growing up. It gave me a great foundation for my faith. So if you had asked me about being a Christian, I would have said yes. If you had asked me about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I would have said I had one. If you asked me if I was…

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Papi Crackers- A Legacy

My daughters have different monikers they embrace for each of their Grandparents.  For my parents, they use the traditional Grandma and Grandpa.  For my wife’s Great Grandmother and Grandfather, they use Big Mamma and Big Papa. I think I like those names the best.  What’s especially great is how they came to be.  “Reagan, this is your Great Grandma” we…

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Sad Face

My Oldest daughter has given me a job.  I have to tell her a story about my life as a bedtime ritual.  Most of these stories are about me as a young person.  I try to stick to things I did at her age.   Stop Talking: I told her about a time I got in trouble for talking in…

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Top Five Crazy moments at Church

  Top Five Crazy moments at Church In Reverse Order: 5.  I once saw a lady throw a banana peel out of her window across the road over another car coming    out of our church.  This was not too bad, just very rude. 4.  After years of finding a reason to go to church, I finally convinced myself to go. …

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