Can You Move Your Hair Please?

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When you go to a big church like North Point Community Church, I suppose you have a bigger chance for the crazy to happen.  I think it works like this-The bigger the church-The bigger the crazy-The bigger the hair.

This past Sunday, I had an experience of heart over hair.  I had to force myself to think about the heart of the lovely lady next to me, rather than how irritating it was she was feeding me a hair sandwich.  Was this really happening to me I thought? Take a deep breath.  Hopefully I don’t swallow any hair.

What if this was her first time she ever came to church? What if it took every bit of energy for her to make it here?  What if she was reaching out for just someone to engage her because of her problems at home? 

Besides moving a little in the direction of my wife so I could see, I embraced her as my sister in Christ.  We greeted one another and shook hands.  I am joyful God gave me this challenge.  God knows I struggle with personal space issues. Since I can’t have a buffer seat for myself, I will have to learn to sit close to people.  It was a nice opportunity to work through it. 

When I told Kim what was going on, she said she was wondering what I was doing.  I should have told her it was just to get closer to you. 

Do you think church should have a hair height limit?

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