A Providential Moment (Thank You JJ)

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This past week in my men’s bible study we were asked to talk about a Defining Moment in our lives.  I decided to tell the guys about a moment in my life that was not only a Defining Moment, but possibly a Providential Moment.

For most of my life I have had a personal relationship with God, but it was always on my terms.  It was more about the prayers I had for the things I wanted.  You know those prayers “God I want” (fill in the blank).  I never actually lived my life for God.  I may have been embarrassed-I’m not sure. 

This all changed when we hired a former employee JJ.  He has since moved from Atlanta to be with family.  However, the short two years he spent with us will remain a part of my story forever.

We hired JJ for production in our sign business.  We did not do an interview-we just hired him.  I know he thought we were crazy, but someone told us they had a friend that needed a job so we gave him one.  We have a pattern of doing that.  It doesn’t always work.

 On the first day of work JJ said very little, but he did something that said everything to me.  He opened up a small bible and put it at the edge of the production table.  I saw him reading it between jobs we would give him.  That is all it took for my life to take a change in direction.  I wanted to be that honest and open with my faith.  I made the choice then and have never looked back.  I am not sure you can. 

Something else we talked about at our group is how many people in our lives have an impact on bringing us to make that change.  It was mentioned that Billy Graham once said it takes 40 touches or so.  You may not remember the first but you remember the last.  I will be just fine if God uses me to be number one.


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